We are a company that makes pet influencer goods.
Let's Connect more as a fan!

Participate as an influencer

At our company, we mainly produce goods and communicate with fans, mainly pet influencers. If you would like to participate, please contact the following.

About sending fan letters and gifts

We will send fan letters and goods from you to influencers to connect more deeply with influencers. To give a gift, please search by influencer name and ticket.

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new services

We will always think about ways to connect influencers and fans and create new services.
For service requests, please contact us from the following.

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Terms of service

Please see below for details on the terms of use.

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How to use the site
The site is divided into download products and fan letters.
Download products can be downloaded after ordering.
In the case of a fan letter, please deliver the gift item to us after buying a ticket of the requested size with a ticket system.
  • About fan letters and gifts
    For fan letters and gifts, we will deliver the products to influencers once or twice a month. Please note that if you send the ticket to us without buying it, it will be destroyed and returned by payment.
  • About download sales
    Download sales are a charity run by pet influencers. This is done to connect with more fans. Please do not resell or send it free of charge.
  • About the product
    If you do not receive the item or cannot download the item, please contact us directly. Please note that we cannot answer even if you contact the pet influencer.

About us

We are a company located in Asakusa, a tourist attraction in Japan. Fortune Cat, which is said to be the oldest in Japan, is famous in Asakusa. We will do our best to connect with influencers as much as possible.

Asakusa Fukuneko Taro

Fortune Cat
This cat was really alive. I was helped by a Japanese swordsman actress when I was hit by a car. It became a hot topic that a lot of happiness came when stroking a cat, and it became famous after being introduced on Japanese TV.